Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Quiet Sunday

Another beautiful day here in Middle Tennessee. When I arrived on the scene for breakfast Mom had already had Kimmee Sue out for her early morning walk and KS was awaiting my arrival with tail a thumpin` and jumpin` up and down with glee. If you wanna really feel welcome, ya gotta learn how to do it from a dog. After KS settles down, I eat my half grapefruit and my bowl of outmeal (chlorestrol 134) and KS gets to lick the bowl dishwasher clean. Then I eat one of the world`s best muffins with a little jelly and a drink of coffee and KS gets put out in the yard.

We do the usual Sunday morning clean-up and off to SS. The teacher for today and the next few Sundays is a professor at the local university in the school of engineering, but he is commonly referred to as the 'water man" as he is big in his field and often lectures at international seminars. He is extremely well versed in the Bible and this series with our class is based on the biblical background of Handel`s "Messiah". Very interesting. I heard some of it and have requested a microphone for the upcoming sessions.

Then its off to church with a guest speaker, our new District Superintendent, who just happens to be black. And it is 2005 and the Civil War ain`t quite over yet, and nobody here is gonna hug MLK. But the congregation was very gracious, not that I expected any outbreaks but they were more than cordial to the new DS and his wife.
I went up to his wife after church to greet her and asked her if she new what I wanted and she said "Yes, A HUG" It was not the first time I had hugged her. She is delightful.

We went out to eat at a new place in town called "Cheddars". It is like a bigger and better "Applebees" and we enjoyed our meals. Then we came home for nap time and more play time with the puppy. Pretty exciting day, eh?